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Honored Employee of the Russian Fishery Company Celebrates 100th Anniversary

On January 21, 2023 Vasily Sergeevich Levada, a veteran of Russian Fishery Company, celebrated his 100th birthday. The secret of a long-liver, as he himself believes, is in valorous labor. He spent half of his life working at OJSC “TURNIF” (affiliated with Russian Fishery Company). Russian Fishery Company holds true to good traditions – the company presented the veteran with words of gratitude for many years of service to the profession, as well as with useful gifts and emotions from a warm welcome.

Veteran’s maintenance support is one of social work priorities for Russian Fishery Company. The company has a Council of Veterans, which includes more than 140 honored employees who have worked for the company for more than 15 years. Russian Fishery Company provides its veterans with welfare assistance, arranges celebrations of important dates, and helps out in tough situations.

"There is no such thing as an ex-employee in our company. We love and never forget our veterans. These are the people who devoted themselves to the profession, loved the marine environment and their work. They are the real example for us to follow and be proud of, so we always remember them, say words of gratitude, give presents, are in touch with them, and they return the sincere joy of meeting us. Today is a meaningful day. Vasily Sergeevich is a legend not only for the Russian Fishery Company, but for the whole city".

Natalia Skrebneva, the company’s Chief Human Resources Officer

With the words of gratitude and heartfelt talks the jubilee received a new TV set, a gift set with Russian Fishery Company production and a limited edition collector’s book of photographs. The pictures represent "Kapitan Vdovichenko" super trawler, the first fishing vessel of Russian Fishing Company built at Russian shipyards in St. Petersburg. The personnel of Russian Fishery Company emphasized that the trawler ship had started fishing at the end of 2022 and showed excellent production indices. Vasily Sergeevich was surprised by the power of the modern fleet and felt a little bit nostalgic.

"I had been serving in the Navy for 30 years; at first — as a chemical specialist, and then as a missile specialist. In 1970 I came to work in a new organization — "Pacific Department of Fish Survey and Research Fleet" ("TURNIF"). I was engaged in shipment of different cargoes — I was employed as a master marine of a pontoon boat, providing supply for fleet vessels. The most common cargo — trawls, and among the unusual items — sugar, sausages, krill flour and even cow carcasses. We loaded and discharged vessels sailing to Antarctica".

recalls Vasily Sergeevich

Vasily Sergeevich was a firm but fair team leader; he was adept for order and responsibility. The veteran of labor still keeps the company's gratitude for his work in his memory and letters of appreciations In a special wooden cabinet. There are also wartime awards, such as the Medal of Nakhimov. So, Vasily Sergeevich can be called a veteran in all senses — both a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, and a veteran of the fishing industry.

The 100th anniversary is not just an anniversary; it is a Celebration with a large C! A great life has been lived, a long road of a hundred years has been travelled. Vasily Sergeevich has got invaluable experience that is gratefully adopted by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The secret of a long life is in constant work, thinks the centenarian. Even at his hundred years of age, he continues to train his body and mind — he helps children at the country house — dacha, does crossword puzzles, and sings karaoke.

Together with his family, Vasily Levada lives at the dacha in the summer season. Bath house, berries, fresh air and a healthy lifestyle also help to keep him in a good shape. His main dream is to keep a combative mood and stay healthy. The veteran wished the same to all the present employees of Russian Fishery Company and all fishermen.

"I wish them a long life and of course, good health. And also — to perform tasks for fishing and processing of fishery product, which our country is in need. As the saying goes, may your always have seven feet under the keel!"

Vasily Levada
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