High ecology standard and fishing efficiency

Deep processing and one-time freezing of products at sea
One of the world leaders in the fishing and processing of Pollock
10 years in the industry
Pollock is a wild white fish from the pristine cold waters of the Pacific Ocean
  • Unique source of protein
  • Rich composition of nutrients
  • Eco product
  • Frozen at sea
The efficiency and ecology standard of the fishery are confirmed by the MSC certificate
New fleet is the key to success in high ecological standards and efficiency of the fishery.
  • 11 super trawlers
  • 60,000 tons per year a trawler’s capacity
  • Deep processing up to 100% of the catch
  • Up to 150% growth of revenue per ton of
  • Waste-free production
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 2 times
Safe working conditions and comfortable living on board
RFC in numbers

The Russian Fishery Company is one of the leaders in the production of Pollock in Russia and in the world, one of the leading Russian producers of wild white fish.

With the focus on long-term sustainability
  • we update the fishing fleet,
  • we increase the efficiency and safety of fishing,
  • we improve the working conditions of the crews,
  • we develop processing at sea and onshore.
RFC in numbers
High standards of working conditions, opportunities for practice and professional growth of young specialists
thousand tons
Annual quota for fish harvesting is more than 300 thousand tons (excluding non-quota objects, depending on the annual total allowable catch for certain types, 337 thousand tons in 2021)

including the first of 11 new generation supertrawlers. High efficiency of the fleet in all fishing zones and climatic conditions.