About the company

Our business is based on the principles of sustainable development.

The RFC is increasing the output of deeply processed fish products on the territory of the country, being at the forefront of the renewal of the Russian fishing fleet.

Russian Fishery Company is among top producers of wild white fish
It is one of the Russian and global leaders in the production of Pollock.
thousand tons of total quota of the company
thousand tons of Pollock quota
of all-Russian Pollock catch
RFC fishes in one of the pristinest water areas of the World Ocean
catching ecologically clean wild fish
RFC has its own onshore fish processing complex in the Far East
Onshore plant "Russian Pollock"
Russian Fishery Company LLC unites
enterprises with a rich history
since 1970
since 1994
since 1995
“Vostokrybprom”, LLC
since 1996
“Sovgavanryba”, LLC

RFC’s development program is focused on:
  • 100% fleet renewing
  • increasing Pollock and Herring quotas to more than 500 thousand tons (+ 60%)
  • increasing the depth of processing and reaching the maximum added value from the catches
  • introduction of advanced technologies
11 new
1 vessel is put into operation
10 vessels are under construction
up to 100%
of increase in deep processing at sea
New product
SURIMI. Start of production in 2021