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RFC started a professional training program for fleet workers


The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has started a training and certification program by profession “Slinger” for the fishing fleet workers. The program has been developed and is implemented at the Company's own Training Center (TC).

“This is the first major vocational training project for the RFC’s crew members since our TC received a license. There is already feedback from seafarers, and it is gratifying that they have a clear understanding of the need to improve and expand their professional qualifications. Our company is constructing a new fleet of 11 modern super trawlers, and for their crews we need competent specialists with relevant professional skills. After analyzing the results of slinger’s training, new tasks of in-plant training in other areas and professions will be formed as part of the RFC’s operational needs: fishmeal plant operator, fish processing worker of 2nd-6th category, including surimi processing worker, etc.”

Alexander Firulev, HR Director of the RFC

The training course includes theoretical and practical training. Following the successful completion of the theoretical cycle, every candidate receives practical training on board, acting as a trainee slinger-signalman in real shipboard conditions. Upon successful passing a qualifying examination, which includes an assessment of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the worker is provide with a certificate of qualification “Slinger of 2nd category - signalman”.

Of 90 candidates who applied for training, more than 40 workers have already mastered the theoretical and practical parts of the training program and successfully passed the qualifying examination.

The Russian Fishery Company's Training Center (TC) has been in operation since 2018. The Center provides pre-voyage training and assessment of knowledge of basic safety of ship crew members, conducts consulting work, as well as organizes, supervises and conducts training in areas complying with the Company’s internal manufacturing requirements.

During four years more than 9 thousand persons were trained here. In March 2021 the TC was licensed to carry out educational activities under the programs of professional training (vocational professions, positions of employees) and additional professional education (advanced training and retraining of specialists).

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