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Russian Fishery Company launched a new season of the Clean Coast ecological marathon


An ecological marathon for cleaning the coast of the Shchitovaya Bay has started in Vladivostok as part of the Clean Coast ecological program initiated by the Russian Fishery Company in 2020.

The first clean-up event of the new Clean Coast season was held by the RFC with the support of the Administrative Territorial Department (ATD) of Leninsky district of Vladivostok City Administration. More than 50 persons took part in the event, including employees of the RFC, Russian Pollock Factory, Iskra. Expert Environmental Bureau, and ATD of Leninsky district.

Work were carried out on the coast to clean up the roadside shoreline and coastal zone. Collected garbage was sorted, each type of waste was sent to the appropriate waste landfill. In total, more than 200 bags of garbage were collected, including more than 80 bags of plastic, 60 bags of glass.

“The Ecological marathon is an element of the RFC’s strategy aimed at improving the quality of the environment, both through minimizing a negative impact of fishing on the ecosystem and through the implementation of targeted environmental projects. The Clean Coast project launched by our company in 2020 is developing. This season, we are not only cleaning the beach but also organizing separate waste collection for its further processing.”

Olga Naumova, General Director of the Russian Fishery Company

“Shchitovaya Bay is a favorite place for mass recreation of city dwellers. For this reason, there is a significant accumulation of garbage on the sandy beach and in the surrounding areas. Such clean-up events for us are an opportunity to do good to nature, because everyone can make a fair share of contribution to improving the environment.”

Vladimir Kovalevich, Head of ATD of Leninsky district

In 2022, the Clean Coast project plans a set of measures aimed at protecting the environment and environmental education. The coastal area of the beach will be cleaned weekly until the end of the beach season. As part of the Clean Coast project, it is planned to monitor the entire chain of processing the collected waste - from the moment of sorting, removal and to recycling. In the near future, environmental lessons will start in educational institutions of the city.



The Clean Coast program is aimed at conserving and protecting water resources and drawing public attention to the problems of environmental pollution. Since 2020, with the RFC’s financial support, volunteers have been transported to the place of work and provided with everything necessary for cleaning the area. Regular garbage removal from Shchitovaya Bay is arranged at the Company’s expense.

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