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RFC and Daisui signed long-term agreement to develop surimi sales in Japan


Russian Fishery Company (RFC), Daisui (Japan) and the exclusive distributor of the RFC in foreign markets Pacific Rim Group (PRG) signed a long-term agreement on cooperation in promoting and developing sales of products from Pollock surimi supplied by the RFC on the Japanese market.

Daisui will be the strategic partner for RFC in Surimi sales and marketing on the Japanese market - the biggest Pollock surimi market in the world. RFC becomes the strategic supplier of Pollock surimi for Daisui. The parties expect to take a leading position in the Pollock surimi market in Japan.

“Daisui is the important strategic partner, cooperation with which opens up broad prospects for surimi produced by RFC in the Japanese market. Japanese seafood producers are world-renowned experts of the highest level. Therefore, we are confident that with the expertise and technical assistance of Daisui RFC will ensure the highest quality of surimi from environmentally friendly wild sea-frozen Pollock, harvested and carefully processed on supertrawlers of the new RFC’s fleet.”
Saveliy Karpukhin, First Deputy General Director of the RFC

“Based on the agreement of the three companies, the surimi produced by RFC will be imported and sold domestically by Daisui through PRG (Pacific Rim Group). RFC’s surimi is a high-quality product made by processing of Pollock with outstanding freshness landed at fishing grounds in the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk of Russian waters, with a state-of-the-art supertrawler. Daisui is very honored to be a strategic partner and will play a leading role in distributing RFC high-quality surimi products in Japan. We are confident that RFC products will be well received in the Japanese market and that this joint operation will continue to grow”.
Eiichiro Yamahashi, President and CEO of Daisui

“We are confident that the PRG experience in the supply of fish products around the world will ensure that all the terms of the agreement are strictly fulfilled and that high-quality Russian surimi is delivered to the Japanese market on time and in full. The agreement is in line with RFC and PRG strategy to support our customers in Japan and globally to grow their surimi markets. We ensure the most convenient quality that is required in a more efficient manner with its new state of the art low carbon footprint eco-friendly protein”.
Hosup Rim, CEO and shareholder of PRG


The start of surimi production by the Russian Fishery Company became possible thanks to the construction of a new fleet of modern supertrawlers and the commissioning of the first such vessel - Vladimir Limanov.

As previously reported, RFC continues to develop sales of deep-processed Pollock products in the domestic market also. In particular, in order to increase sales of Pollock fillets on the Russian market, a long-term contract was signed with Fish Processing Plant No. 1 (ROK-1). The parties plan to ensure sales in the Russian market of consumer products made from Pollock fillets in the amount of at least 10 thousand tons annually, starting from 2023.

In addition, in early October, RFC and COFCO Food Import signed a long-term agreement aimed at promoting and developing the sales of RFC’s Pollock fillets and surimi in the Chinese market. Under this agreement, RFC plans to annually ship up to 50 thousand tons of fillets and surimi to the strategic partner.

About Daisui Co., Ltd

DAISUI CO.,LTD. was established in 1939 and is a major listed fishery wholesale company. DAISUI has seven sales offices and five group companies in the western Japan area, including Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. In fiscal 2020, the total handling volume exceeded 160,000 tons, and consolidated sales were 114.2 billion yen. In addition to frozen marine products, the company handle fresh fish, dried salted foods, and processed foods.

In recent years, Daisui is also focusing on overseas sales, due to growing global demand.

In addition, the company is striving for sustainability-conscious corporate management so that it can continue to fulfill its important mission of "stable supply of safe and secure marine products.", and have achieved 3 ecological labels; “MEL”,“MSC”, ”ASC”.

DAISUI is an affiliated company of Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.

About Pacific Rim Group

Pacific Rim Group was founded in 2013 as a main supplier of fish products. From the very beginning PRG differentiated itself by committing to long-term business relationships and the application of reliable trading solutions.

PRG is a major supplier of Pollock, herring, snow crab and various other species and is responsible for the sales and marketing of around 230,000 MT of fish and 2,500 MT of live crab every year.

By combining its regional market knowledge with global logistics PRG has earned a reputation for reliably acquiring, marketing and moving fish commodities from areas of surplus to those with greatest demand.

PRG’s global team has extensive experience in the fish commodity and seafood business, built on enduring customer relationships.

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