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Products under the "Russian Fishery Company" retail brand went on sale


Fish products under the retail brand of “Russian Fishery Company” Nordeco - fillets and mince, as well as fish sticks from RFC’s Alaska Pollock - are available in the retail chain "Caviar and fish" (St. Petersburg) and SAMBERI (Primorsky Krai).

Nordeco products are partly produced on RFC vessels, and partly from the frozen at sea Alaska Pollock at the facilities of the Espersen Group, the world's leading manufacturer of frozen fish products. During processing, the fish is not defrosted, which ensures high quality of the product.

“We hope that Nordeco products will become for Russians the standard of quality and true taste of Pollock – wild white fish, a rich source of macro and microelements,” commented Fedor Kirsanov, RFC CEO. “The production of our own retail products allows us to control the quality from the moment of catch to the arrival on the store shelves, which means to guarantee the preservation of all its valuable properties”. 

Also, Russian federal and local retail chains and stores received products under the joint brand of RFC and the Agama Group – “Agama-Nordeco”: portioned Pollock fillet and Pollock fillets in individual packaging. Like Nordeco products, the co-brand line is made from single-frozen Pollock without defrosting during processing.

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