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More than 10 tons of garbage collected by the participants of the Clean Coast campaign in 2022

On October 15, the cleaning season for the beach of Shchitovaya Bay was closed as part of the Clean Coast environmental campaign.

More than 70 volunteers took part in the final cleaning, collecting more than 700 kg of garbage and 30 car tires. In total, more than 10 tons of garbage were collected on the coastal area from June to October as part of the Clean Coast campaign.

The campaign is organized and financed by the Russian Fishery Company and Russian Crab Corporate Group with the support of the Administrative Territorial Department of Leninsky district of Vladivostok City Administration. In the warm season of 2022, 8 visits were made to collect and dispose of garbage, three of them were directly attended by employees of the companies that initiated the campaign and the city’s environmentalists.

“The beach of Shchitovaya Bay is popular with city dwellers, and this popularity, unfortunately, causes significant damage to its nature: there is a lot of plastic, glass, paper, metal, tires, organic and construction waste. Participants in the campaign manage to reduce garbage accumulation. However, one of the key goals of the campaign is to draw attention of beachgoers to the problem of pollution of the territory and to captivate them with the idea of reducing the individual eco-footprint.”

Olga Naumova, General Director of Russian Fishery Company LLC.

According to environmentalists accompanying the campaign, one of the most common types of recyclable waste is plastic type 01 - PET (polyethylene terephthalate). These are, for example, bottles to store water, milk, oil and other liquids. Sorted plastic of this type, after processing, is used in the production of rubberized coatings for stadiums, paving slabs, roof tiles, as well as insulation for clothing.

“Participants of the Clean Coast campaign sort garbage during cleaning. Everyone can do this, sorting significantly increases the likelihood of subsequent processing.”

Antonina Annenkova, a regular participant in the Clean Coast campaign, legal adviser of the RFC

“Over the season, the Clean Coast campaign put in a strong performance. We see the effect not only in the cubic meters of garbage collected, but also in the increased involvement of employees and volunteers in the campaign. An increasing number of employees, their family members and children take part in cleaning. This is also an indicator of performance, since direct participation in such events forms environmental awareness in the best way.”

Natalia Savchenko, Director of the Human Resources Department of the Russian Crab Corporate Group

“The campaign promotes the popularization of careful attitude to natural resources,” says Vladimir Kovalevich, Head of the Administrative Territorial Department of Leninsky district, “for more than two years we have been personally involved in supporting and observing the steady development of this initiative”.

The Clean Coast program has been operating since 2020. This year, within its framework, the RFC and Russian Crab Corporate Group have established a special grant competition of environmental projects for students in Vladivostok schools. The purpose of the competition is to assist in solving the environmental problems of the region by improving the environmental culture of schoolchildren, identifying and supporting environmental initiatives.

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