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Russian Fishery Company conducted the first stage of COVID-19 testing


Due to the threat of a new virus infection COVID-19 spread in Vladivostok, the Russian Fishery Company has expanded the list of measures to prevent the spread of infection. Since April 22, 2020, the company began testing employees for coronavirus.

One of the most accurate and reliable methods for diagnosing a viral infection is used - the polymerase chain reaction method, which allows to detect even a very small amount of the virus in biological material. Diagnosis is also effective at an asymptomatic stage, that makes it possible to identify COVID-19 when there will be no symptoms of an infectious disease (fever, cough, etc.), but the ability to transmit the virus to other people remains.

“The safety and health of employees is a key value of the company. We take a number of preventive measures to ensure the protection of health and prevent the spread of a new type of viral infection. Testing for COVID-19 by an accredited medical laboratory is among these measures, - said RFC’s CEO Viktor Litvinenko. “The examination process eliminates crowding so as not to expose them to danger of infection.”

Due to the threat of a new COVID-19 virus infection spread in the city of Vladivostok, a high alert mode has been introduced in the Russian Fishery Company.  

The company implemented remote working. The rules of the company also strongly do not recommend trips outside the region in which the workplace is fixed. Employees are given recommendations and explanations on the prevention of the spread of the virus.

At the RFC facilities increased requirements are set for personal hygiene of workers, health monitoring is mandatory. All employees are provided with personal protective equipment. On company vessels and in offices common areas and workplaces are regularly disinfected, additional purchases of batches of hygiene and disinfectants, protective equipment, and medicines are organized.

The complex of measures also includes monitoring the health of workers at home. Employees keep an electronic “Health Journal”, which daily provides information on the state of health and well-being of relatives nearby.

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