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Russian Fishery Company launched the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon


August 31, 2020, Vladivostok – The first stage of the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon for cleaning up areas from garbage was held on the sea coast of Shchitovaya Bay on August 28, 2020. The event was organized with the support of the Russian Fishery Company with the participation of the Territorial Administration of the Leninsky District of Vladivostok, the Administration for Youth Affairs of the city of Vladivostok, and the public organization “Regional Student Team”.

The idea of ​​the action belongs to Russian Fishery Company, one of whose charitable programs is aimed at preserving and protecting water resources and attracting the public to the problems of pollution.

The participants cleared the coastal area of ​​rubbish, installed garbage containers on the territory of the bay, and also placed campaign stands urging to take care of the environment. The organizers took out the collected waste and handed it over for utilization. In total, the activists collected more than 200 bags of garbage on the shores of the natural object.

“The garbage that accumulates on the beach frightens not only by its scale, but also by the potential danger it poses to the health and life of living organisms, since it leads to the pollution of the marine environment and underground waters,” commented General Director of Russian Fishery Company Viktor Litvinenko. - For our company, which operates at sea, it is important to respect the bioresources. Therefore, we decided to pay special attention to the problem of water area pollution.

The problem of garbage pollution is very acute, plastic and other synthetic materials practically do not decompose in the ground, causing colossal harm to all living and non-living things for hundreds of kilometers around from places of organized garbage accumulations.

Within the framework of the Environmental Marathon, a set of measures is planned to protect the environment and environmental education. Cleaning of the coastal area of ​​the beach will take place weekly until the end of October, after which outbound volunteer raids will resume by the beginning of the 2021 beach season. It is also planned to hold contests for children's drawings and environmental projects for schoolchildren in the city, environmental quests for youth and environmental lessons in schools.

The organizers of the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon remind that each of us can benefit nature and preserve our own health by applying the elementary rules of environmental responsibility: to prevent unauthorized dumps, to ensure the collection and delivery of garbage.


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