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The Russian Fishery Company became the primary sponsor of Basketball Club “Dynamo”

A Primary Sponsor Status Agreement was signed with Primorsky team playing in the Russian Basketball Super League by the Russian Fishery Company (RFC), one of the leading pollock harvesting companies in Russia and the world.

The decision was made at a meeting of the Guardian Board of Primorsky Sports Society “Dynamo” with the direct participation of Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of Primorsky region.

“The RFC supports many projects that contribute to the development of the region: healthcare, environmental initiatives, support for veterans and educational institutions. We hope that our partnership with Basketball Club “Dynamo” will enable not only to focus on sporting achievements and victories in the new season, but also on the development of sports spirit and pride in the Primorsky team and our region.”

Olga Naumova, General Director of the RFC

The team will start their second season at a professional level. In the debut performance, we relied on the trainees of Primorsky Basketball School, but now, thanks to the RFC’s support, we are capable of forming a professional fighting team. Teams from Vladivostok have always been distinctive and result-oriented, we have this in common with our Primary Sponsor.”

Eduard Sandler, manager of Primorsky Regional Public-State Organization of All-Russian Sports Society “Dynamo”

In the upcoming season, the team will play in the men's championship of Russia among sixteen Superleague teams, as well as in the Russian Cup starting from the round of last 16.



The Russian Fishery Company is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of wild white fish, and one of the leading manufactures of pollock products in Russia and in the world.

The RFC ensures the entire production chain - from catching to deep processing of fish into a product with high added value: fillet, mince and a new product - surimi. The start of surimi manufacture became possible thanks to the construction of a new fleet of modern super trawlers and the commissioning of the first such vessel –“ Vladimir Limanov”.

The main harvested species are pollock and Pacific herring. Over 80% of the catch are pollock.

The RFC is engaged in harvesting in the Bering sea and the sea of Okhotsk, in one of the cleanest waters in the world. The efficiency and environmental friendliness of harvesting are confirmed by the MSC certificate.

The Company’s heavy-tonnage fishing vessels are well suited to work in all fishing areas and under any climatic conditions. The Company’s processor trawlers are equipped with modern fishing and processing equipment from leading international suppliers which enables the trawlers to harvest and process various aquatic biological resources at sea. The Company’s strategic goals involve increasing the output of high value-added products.

The RFC is constructing a new fleet of 11 super trawlers, state-of-the art, technologically advanced fishing vessels. Each trawler is designed for an annual catch and on-board processing of more than 60 thousand tons of fish, which is 2.5 times higher than the productivity of vessels that are today the basis of the fishing fleet in the Russian Far East. The first of super trawlers to be constructed for the RFC was handed over to the company in 2020.

BC “Dynamo”: The Club was founded in 2021. “Dynamo” is the only team representing the Far East in men's professional basketball. Despite the youth, Primorsky Club is an ambitious project with professional management, a promising team roster, a modern and authentic basketball arena, and a significant fan base that actively supports the team on their home court. In the year of the 100th anniversary of All-Russian Sports Society “Dynamo”, Primorsky team is highly committed to make their name in the annals of Dynamo sports.

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