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RFC presented New Year’s pollock recipes at a cooking master class

On December 11, 2022, the Millionka restaurant hosted the cooking master class “New Year’s recipes from the RFC’s unique Pollock”.

The event was arranged by Russian Fishery Company LLC (RFC) with the support of the Tourist Information Center of Primorsky region. During the event, Alexander Kazakevich, the chef of the Millionka restaurant, taught the athletes of the Dynamo Basketball Club, of which the RFC is a partner, how to cook New Year's dishes from pollock, which are easy to repeat at home. The set of the master class consisted of three dishes: bruschetta with baked pollock, salad with tangerine and smoked pollock, roll of simmered pollock with mashed potato.

The chef not only surprised with unusual ways of cooking and serving pollock but also told about the unique properties of the product: dietary, environmentally friendly, there are simply no analogues of pollock regarding the presence of iodine and a degree of its digestibility.

“Proper and healthy white fish should be in included the diet of every person. The unique properties of pollock as well as its taste qualities were previously underestimated by our consumers. Today, interest in this unique white fish is growing, largely due to the fact that high-quality pollock products from Russian fishermen have finally appeared on store shelves. This white fish is highly competitive with many other cod species, and at the same time it is available to everyone. We can safely say that pollock is benefit, taste and a healthy lifestyle.”

Sergei Parshin, RFC’s Production Director

“Pollock surprised me with its taste, it was very interesting to learn how to cook interesting dishes from this unique healthy product.”

Vyacheslav Grachev, basketball player of Dynamo BC (Vladivostok).

Today, thanks to the high standards of fishing and production, the RFC offers the consumer products that meet the highest requirements. Advanced technologies for processing and freezing fish products at sea make it possible to preserve for buyers around the world the unique taste and healthy nutritional properties of wild fish harvested in the cold clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.  

New Year’s recipes from Alexander Kazakevich, the chef of the Millionka restaurant:

1. Bruschetta with baked pollock


  • Borodinsky bread 40 g

  • Cremette 15 g

  • Pollock fillet 50 g

  • Olive oil 10 g

  • Salted cucumber 15g


  • Slightly dry the bread in the oven

  • Salt and pepper the pollock, apply oil, put in the oven for 7 minutes at 180 degrees.

  • Slice the cucumber.

  • Assemble the bruschetta


2. Salad with tangerine and smoked pollock


  • Pollock fillet 120 g

  • Lettuce mix 15

  • Cherry tomato 50 g

  • Cucumber 50 g

  • Peeled tangerine 50 g

  • Raspberry vinegar 5 g

  • Almond flakes 5 g


  • Olive oil 5 g

  • Honey 5 g

  • Mustard 5g


  • Salt and pepper the pollock, apply oil and put in a smoke oven for 7 minutes at 200 degrees.

  • Tear the lettuce mix, cut vegetables randomly

  • Add sauce to the mix

  • Put the pollock on the lettuce

  • Decorate with almond flakes


3. Roll of simmered pollock


  • Pollock 150 g

  • Cremette 15 g

  • Thyme 5 g

  • Mashed potato 100 g


  • Salt and pepper the Pollock, add thyme.

  • Roll up and arrange as a ring.

  • Spread cremette on top.

  • Place in a baking dish, and add 20 g of water, cover with foil and put in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees
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