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Hearing impaired children received unique books on animation from RFC


The Russian Fishery Company presented specialized literature to the pupils of animation studio in the boarding school for hearing impaired children in Vladivostok. The studio was opened with the support of the RFC.

Unique books will help hearing-impaired and deaf children expand their knowledge in the field of art, touch the beauty through acquaintance with the works of the masters of world animation.

 “These books are a great opportunity for children to learn about the world around them in all its diversity. The publications we have presented will help young animators create their future masterpieces”, said Viktor Litvinenko, General Director of the Russian Fishery Company.

Most of the books describe the process of creating cartoons, animation techniques, storyboards and editing. These publications will become an integral part of the cartoon studio curriculum, in which the guys are engaged.

 All editions are colorful and contain many illustrations. Many are written by illustrators of children's books and animators, who tell about their experience of mastering the profession of an illustrator or cartoonist.

“Children in the classroom are looking at the illustrations with interest, remember the frames from the cartoons they saw. When drawing characters, the environment for their cartoons, they turn to books that contain examples, - says Anna Tyurina, teacher of the school's animation studio. - Quite often, when watching video interviews or thematic films on animation, children with deafness, much of what they see remains incomprehensible and inaccessible. And when you read the book, the dialogue with the author is preserved. "

The Russian Fishery Company took patronage over the pupils of a correctional boarding school for hearing impaired children at the end of 2019. With the financial support of the company, a cartoon studio was created on the basis of the school. For the creative laboratory the RFC purchased digital and light tablets, brackets, a special acoustic screen for recording clean sound, voice recorders and software. The company also pays for the work of the studio teacher.

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