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RFC Awarded its Top Crews Following the End of Season B-2023

March 18, 2022, Vladivostok– The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) held its customary celebratory gathering of employees. The company's leadership reviewed the results of 2023 and acknowledged the standout employees of Season B. The most effective crews and RFC staff were awarded with commendations, badges of honor, and gift certificates for ship enhancements.

In 2023, the RFC super trawlers Kapitan Vdovichenko and Vladimir Limanov led the way in the Far Eastern basin in terms of pollock catch, and the production of premium fillets on the company's vessels saw a 58% increase. Furthermore, over the last year, RFC has been acknowledged as one of the top holdings in terms of caviar pricing. These and other achievements and future prospects were discussed at the event. The leadership focused heavily on issues related to production, quality, working conditions, motivation, and retention of top talent.

"I am delighted to extend my heartfelt thanks for the results you have achieved this season. Thanks to your hard work, and the efforts of those currently at sea, we have managed to maintain an exceptionally high standard over the past year. We are expanding our fishing operations, prioritizing deep processing, and developing new high-quality products for our customers. Even the significant challenges presented by the new market conditions have highlighted our strengths, the efficiency of our vessels and our employees, who are the company's most valuable asset. We cherish each and every one of you, as it is through our collective, coordinated efforts that we are able to reach new heights and respond to the demands of the modern world, as evidenced by our 2023 results,"

stressed Olga Naumova, CEO of the Russian Fishery Company

Based on the results of Season B, the top crews were from Vladivostok, Vladimir Limanov, and Mys Basargina.

In the Honorary Employee of the RRPC category, the winners were Viktoras Girkshas, Refrigeration Mechanic at Vladivostok, Natalya Rodina, Technologist at Vladimir Limanov, and Igor Kochukov, Second Mechanic at Mys Basargina.

In the Premium Fillet Production category, the top performers were Valery Ivankin, Assistant Captain for Production at Geroi Shironintsy, Sergey Babkin, Assistant Captain for Production at Ivan Kalinin, and Konstantin Dimitrov, Assistant Captain for Production at Vladivostok.

The Russian Fishery Company places a high emphasis on promoting the profession, recognizing the challenging nature of work at sea. To support this, it invests in a new fleet and fosters an environment that attracts and retains top talent.

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