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RFC licensed its training center


The Training Center (TC) of the Russian Fishery Company is licensed to carry out educational activities under the programs of professional training and retraining of marine specialists.

Theoretical classes with teachers and experienced operating specialists of the fleet will be held in the classrooms of the training center and online. Where it will be required the trainees will undergo practical training on the RFC’s vessels or at the coastal plant "Russian Pollock". The final certification for the assignment or advanced training will be carried out within the company.

RFC’s TC has been operating since 2018. Until now, the center has carried out pre-trip training and assessment of knowledge of the basics of safety of crew members, as well as conducted consulting work. Over the course of three years, more than 7,000 people have been trained here. Obtaining an educational license will allow the center, in addition to the existing conventional types of training, to conduct training in areas corresponding to the internal production needs of the company, and to issue supporting documents: certificates of qualification for the development of new working professions and / or certificates of advanced training in the field of professional activities of the employee.

“Our company is building a new fleet of 11 modern fishing vessels, and we will need competent specialists for their crews, - said Viktor Litvinenko, General Director of the Russian Fishery Company. - One of the methods of attracting and retaining specialized personnel is the possibility of their professional growth. We decided to “raise” personnel within our company, providing all stages of professional development: from theory to practice and final certification”.

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