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RFC Showcases Unique Surimi Products at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo

The Russian Fishery Company introduced products made from wild, nutritious walleye pollock at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo. The main exhibition of the fishing industry in China and the entire Asia-Pacific region took place in Qingdao between October 25 and 27.

At the international exhibition, the RFC booth hosted several B2B meetings with companies from China, Japan, and Korea. The topics discussed included bilateral cooperation, increasing the share of ultra-processed food deliveries, and process improvement opportunities. Meetings were held with Panfish (Shanghai), DingWeiTai, Asian Seafood, Xiamen Henderson, Maruha Nichiro, China StarFish, Liaoyu, and Weihai Weidao among other major companies.

Throughout the exhibition, the joint booth of RFC and its exclusive distributor – Pacific Rim Group – welcomed over 10,000 visitors. The product presentation led by a famous Asian streamer Hungry Monkey sparked special interest. Visitors enthusiastically explored various types of products from the RFC and its Asian processing partners: fish balls, fish sausages, hotpot cubes of walleye pollock, fish cakes, and crab sticks.

A large portion of the showcased products were made from walleye pollock surimi, caught and processed on RFC's new supertrawlers. Using state-of-the-art vessels has enabled the company to boost the production of sea-frozen fish fillet and manufacture high-quality surimi. Walleye pollock is caught in the pristine waters of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. Water quality in these areas is routinely inspected, while the products themselves undergo multiple QA stages and safety checks.

«Walleye pollock products, especially surimi, are highly popular in Asian countries. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the new fleet, we at RFC make sure that the quality of the products is unparalleled. We harvest wild fish from some of the purest waters on Earth, our products are entirely natural and packed with essential micronutrients. RFC is set to significantly boost its exports to China, primarily focusing on products for consumption within the country, rather than just raw materials for processing. In partnership with others, we are striving to boost the consumption of products from wild-caught white fish.»

Olga Naumova, CEO of Russian Fishery Company.

The Russian Fishery Company and its Chinese partners share a long history of cooperation to improve collaboration efforts. Considering the increasing interest of Chinese consumers in healthy food, our eco-friendly, nutrient-dense wild white fish is the perfect product. By using ingredients produced on RFC vessels (fish fillet and surimi) in our final products, we directly contribute to the health of Asian consumers and the entire Chinese population.

The first ever Golden Pollock award ceremony also took place at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo. The award was launched by the RFC to foster productive collaboration with Chinese partners and advance international cooperation within the fishing industry. Companies such as Xiamen Henderson, Panfish, China StarFish, and Weihai Weidao were awarded for effective collaboration, development and introduction of new walleye pollock products, as well as superior product quality and efforts to reach global market.

Liaoyu Group, a leading Chinese fish processing company, presented RFC with a memorable "Breakthrough of the Year" award. Mr. Liao Yu, the President of Liaoyu Group, gifted Saveliy Karpukhin, Director of Strategy and Commercial Affairs at RFC, a lotus flower – a symbol of harmony, unity, and wisdom – to commemorate the productive collaboration between the two companies.

The RFC regularly represents Russia at the unified national booth at CFSE. This year marks the 26th occurrence of CFSE, taking place at the Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (HICEC) in Qingdao. Annually, the exhibition gathers over 30,000 representatives from the fishing, processing, aquaculture, and industry-specific service sectors from 88 countries. In addition to Russia, the exhibition featured booths from Canada, Chile, Ecuador, India, Japan, Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, the USA, and Vietnam.

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