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Crews for new supertraulers of the Russian Fishery Company will be prepared in conjunction with Maritime State University


Russian Fishery Company (RFC) entered into a Cooperation Agreement with the Maritime State University named after Admiral G. Nevelsky (Vladivostok, Russia). This agreement provides for the training and professional development of specialists for the fishing fleet.

In the near future, the RFC crew will begin retraining for various specialized programs on the basis of the modern marine training center of the university, which has no analogues in the region. The training program will be organized in accordance with the norms of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) in the following areas: navigation, ship-mechanical service, electromechanical service, etc.

 “There is no good fishing without good fishermen, without professionals. We are implementing a large-scale program for updating the fishing fleet, and in the next 5 years 11 super-trawlers will arrive to our Far Eastern basin. In order to successfully work on these trawlers, you need a high level of training and qualification of specialists, said RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov. - Today, together with our partners, Maritime State University, we are launching a training program for the crew. We are pleased that the University, which traditionally trains personnel for the merchant fleet, has also paid attention to fishermen”.

The training will take place at training complexes that fully imitate the basic devices that ensure the vital activity of the vessel, including fishing installations that allow fish to be caught. With the financial support of RFC, the new training center is equipped with a special fishing module that imitates the operation of staging and hauling trawls. The module is part of the navigation simulator and represents the aft console, which simulates the control of fishing gear. It will help seafarers learn how to safely control a trawler in conditions as close as possible to the real, and to develop navigation skills precisely in the fishing industry.

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