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RFC commissioned a fish processing plant in Murmansk


Russian Fishery Company (RFC) commissioned the Russian Cod fish processing plant in Murmansk and began construction of the second enterprise, the Russian Haddock plant. Both projects are implemented by the Russian Fishery Company in partnership with Agama Group of Companies.

The design capacity of the Russian Cod plant is more than 50 tons of finished products from cod and haddock per day. The new production will provide the domestic market with high-quality fish products and increase the export of agricultural products. It is planned that the export of premium quality products will be about 5 thousand tons per year. The stimulation of Russian exports is provided by the national project “International Cooperation and Export” for 2019-2024.

“The development of deep processing in Russia allows us to replace raw exports with supplies of high-quality products to the foreign market, which will ensure an increase in budget revenues,” commented RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov. “And, of course, we provide Russian consumers with products from wild white fish, the quality of which is controlled throughout the production chain.”

The Russian Cod Plant is equipped with modern equipment for the correct defrosting of raw materials and the freezing of finished products, ensuring the preservation of the quality and valuable nutritional properties of fish. The equipment includes an innovative robotic line for cutting fish fillets of cod species of the latest generation. Unique equipment equipped with "artificial intelligence", analyzing the structure of raw materials, allows to achieve exceptional quality of fillet cutting with minimal damage to carcass fibers and a high degree of bone removal.

The company will begin to produce marketable products after completion of licensing procedures prescribed by law.

It is planned that the volume of tax payments from the plant will exceed 50 million rubles per year, including more than 40 million to the budget of the Murmansk region.

“It is important that the plant is built, but even more importantly, that it was erected in a clearly defined time frame, as agreed. We hope that production will develop”, - acting Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrei Chibis noted at the ceremony of launching the plant.

On the day of the launch of the Russian Cod plant, construction of another cod and haddock processing enterprise, Russian Haddock, began. The capacity of the future plant is at least 25 tons of finished products per day.

Both projects are implemented as part of the state program for allocating quotas for aquatic resources extraction for investment projects in the field of construction of fishing vessels and coastal processing plants. Investments in the construction of the Russian Cod plant amounted to about 900 million rubles, the cost of the Russian Haddock project was more than 250 million rubles.

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