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RFC automated fleet management


Russian Fishery Company put into operation a digital Fleet Operations Center (FOC). FOC provides planning, organization and control of fishing and production processes, including using a video surveillance system. FOC is based on an integrated information system that consolidates data from internal management, modeling and forecasting information systems, and from external sources.

In the Fleet Operations Center, in one interactive interface, access to operational, analytical and forecast indicators of fishing and production, as well as to the indicators of the company as a whole, is provided. The ability to receive and analyze data in a "single window" allows you to quickly respond to changes in production and financial metrics, simulate scenarios with high accuracy and ensure the achievement of key performance indicators of the Company.

FOC managers have the opportunity to monitor meteorological real-time data in the fishing areas and the fleet location, receive video from CCTV cameras on vessels, which provides a high level of production process control, including control of compliance with safety regulations.

“An important task for the Russian Fishery Company is to constantly improve the operating efficiency. Today this is impossible without modern digital technologies in all processes - from fishing and processing to delivery of finished products to the consumer - commented Viktor Litvinenko, CEO of RFC. - This year the company celebrates its 10th anniversary. And we are entering the new decade at a new level of efficiency: both thanks to the automation of business processes, and, of course, thanks to the construction of a new fleet of supertrawlers, the first of which will start fishing in the anniversary year. "

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