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The fishery of RFC as a member of FSA certified for compliance with MSC standards


The Fishery Shipowners Association (FSA), of which the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) is a member, confirmed the compliance of the pollock fishery with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) sustainable fishing standards. The certificate confirms that the fishery of all companies participating in the association meets the MSC standards.

"The RFC is guided by sustainability standards in all activities. We invest in the construction of a new fleet, which provides the highest level of efficiency and environmental friendliness of fishing available today. The renewal of the fleet will allow the company to significantly increase the production of high-quality MSC-certified products of marine deep processing. In particular, the RFC continues to systematically increase the supply of Pollock fillet and mince to Europe: the volume of contracts in this direction last year increased from 12 to almost 20 thousand tons. In 2022, we plan to increase this figure to 25,000 tons."

Olga Naumova, Director General of the RFC

The validity of the certificate received by the FSA applies to Pollock fishing in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The procedure for certification of fishing in other fishing zones is also being carried out.

RFC will use this certificate for its products to replace the one currently used.



The Fishery Shipowners Association (FSA) was established in 2016.

Today FSA unites 29 sea fishing companies. The volume of investments of FSA members in the renewal of the fishing fleet and the creation of coastal processing under the program for the distribution of investment quotas is 55% of the total investment in the industry, or more than 126 billion rubles.

The number of people employed at the fishing and processing enterprises that are part of the FSA is 6 thousand people. The share of enterprises-members of the Association is 22% of the all-Russian marine catch of aquatic biological resources and about 1.2% of the world catch in the sea.

The key tasks of the FSA are to promote the creation of stable conditions for the implementation of sectoral investment projects, reduce the impact of administrative barriers on the implementation of marine industrial and coastal fishing and fish processing.

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization that has developed standards for environmentally responsible fisheries and supply chain traceability. The MSC mark on products ensures that fish and seafood come only from legal and environmentally responsible fisheries that care about the conservation of marine bio-resources.

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