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"PrimCrab" and "Nautic Rus" signed an agreement for crabber design project


"PrimCrab" LLC signed an agreement with the company "Nautic Rus" on a crabber draft design development.

The project should be developed within two months from the date of the agreement signing. A decision on detailed design will be made after the project is approved.

"Vessels that we plan to build will meet all modern requirements, both in the field of technical equipment, and in terms of safety and environmental performance, - PrimCrab CEO Alexander Kirichenko commented. - New capacities will allow to maximally use the quotas received by the company, and also provide decent working conditions for the crew".

The company plans to build up to 10 crabbers and hopes that the construction will be carried out at the Far Eastern shipyard. It is expected that the tender for construction will be announced in 9 months. “Such a project, especially with construction, is very important for the region, - the vice-governor of Primorsky Krai Valentin Dubinin noted. – I believe that it is wrong to buy used ships, it is important to build your own. It is necessary to develop domestic shipbuilding”.

The design and construction of crabbers "from scratch" had not previously been carried out either in Russia, or in the world. For the present, crab vessels were created through the conversion of other types of vessels. "The company specialists in cooperation with Icelandic engineers who have many years of experience in designing fishing vessels and developing re-equipment projects for crab harvesting are able to create unique vessels capable of completely changing the idea of the Russian fishing fleet, - said «Nautic Rus» LLC CEO Artem Stropilov. - The concept of the new vessel brings together the latest design and engineering solutions, energy-efficient technologies. At the same time, special attention is paid to the safety and comfort of the crew".


«PrimKrab» LLC was established in 2017 as an operating company to develop the crab catch quota purchased by the RRPK during the auctions for quota distribution in the Primorskaya subarea. The volume of quotas is 2.4 thousand tons. The company purchased and converted to crabber 6 vessels currently engaged in harvesting.

Nautic Rus LLC is a Russian design bureau from St. Petersburg, specializing in the design of fishing vessels. Marine engineers with experience in the design and construction of ships, create projects aimed at updating the fishing fleet in Russia. The company uses modern technologies and is able to produce a full cycle of project development, including a sketch, design documentation of the vessel in the construction, design documentation and technical support.

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