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The Russian flag is hoisted on fishing super trawler “Kapitan Vdovichenko”

On July 8, a solemn ceremony of hoisting the Russian flag on fishing vessel “Kapitan Vdovichenko” was held with the participation of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

On July 8, the national flag was hoisted on the vessels built under the program for upgrading production capacities of the fishery complex with state support.

“One of our key and strategic priorities is the renewal of the fishing fleet, construction of modern, well-equipped, reliable vessels for fishing companies that meet high environmental requirements, are able to fish judiciously, without damaging ecosystems, the wealth that we should pass on to future generations."

Vladimir Putin, Head of the nation, Addressing to the participants of the ceremony

“The Russian fishing fleet is replenished with three new super-modern vessels. These vessels are high-tech, meet the highest environmental standards, they will enable to process 100% of catches. Now 9 vessels have already been handed over to fishermen, this year it is planned to hand over 14 vessels, next year we expect that another 38 vessels will be part of the fishing fleet, and all the others - no later than 2025.”

Ilya Shestakov, Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries

The large freezer fishing trawler “Kapitan Vdovichenko” is the first in a series of ten vessels being built at the Admiralty shipyards for the RFC. “Kapitan Vdovichenko” is one of the most modern fishing vessels in the world, designed for harvesting pollock and herring with a pelagic trawl in the Bering sea and sea of Okhotsk, as well as in the adjacent areas of the East coast of Russia, and is unique for the Russian fishing industry.

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