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Kapitan Martynov successfully completes the sea trials

The large ST-192 refrigerator fishing trawler, Kapitan Martynov, commissioned by the Russian Fishery Company, completed its factory sea trials on January 25 at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg.

The trials lasted from January 19 to 25 and took place in the Gulf of Finland, near Gogland Island. They involved testing all of the vessel's equipment and systems while at sea. Kapitan Martynov underwent a seaworthiness assessment, including such parameters as stability, steerability, and speed in various operating modes. The trawler was put through maneuvering tests and had its sailing and speed characteristics checked, along with the operation of its essential machinery, main engine, and auxiliary devices and systems. The experts tested the navigation complex and radio communication systems, as well as the fuel, oil, and general vessel systems.

Based on the results of the sea trials, the observation team and the crew had some criticisms, which the shipyard will have to address in the nearest future before the vessel is handed over to the customer, the Russian Fishery Company.

This is the fourth super trawler out of the RFC's 10-vessel series, built under the state program that aims to modernize the domestic fishing fleet and make the process of harvesting valuable national bioresources more efficient. Kapitan Martynov is a ST-192 type vessel, among the most technologically advanced ships both in Russia and around the world. It is designed for independent production of walleye pollock and herring in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. Moreover, Kapitan Martynov possesses state-of-the-art processing equipment, which lets it produce not only the traditional walleye pollock and herring, but also surimi, fish oil, and fish meal.

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