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Modern fishing in operation: super trawler "Mekhanik Maslak" in Vladivostok

On April 14, Russian Fishery Company’s vessel “MEKHANIK MASLAK” being at its registry port Vladivostok hosted the event dealing with transformation of the Russian fishing industry.

Head of Federal Agency for Fishery Ilya Shestakov, Chairman of the Government of Primorsky krai Valery Prokopchuk, Rector of Admiral G.I. Nevelsky Maritime State University Denis Burov, Rector of Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University Oleg Shcheka and General Director of Russian Fishery Company Olga Naumova were among the participants of the event. Also, as a part of the event, Russian Fishery Company demonstrated to students of Far Eastern leading fishery higher education bodies their potential workplaces and advanced technologies being used in commercial fishing.

Head of Russian Federal Agency for Fishery emphasized the importance of the company's contribution into re-equipment of the national fishing fleet and developing of human resources.

«Today we are not only the witnesses, but the participants of building-up the most advanced fishing fleet in the world. The trawler has successfully passed the double check: experimental running tests before delivery to the customer, and the long voyage from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. I am sure that the vessel will show its worth while harvesting in the severe conditions of the Far Eastern seas. Fisherman profession is in-demand and well-paid job: according to recent studies, the level of wages in the fishing industry takes second place, being ahead even of the mining industry. Massive upgrading of the industry contributes to the strengthening of this trend. Educational complex of Russian Federal Agency for Fishery trains specialists in all the fields demanded in the industry. I hope that today's event will serve to the employment of our graduates on new trawlers, and will help the company to form professional crews»

Ilya Shestakov, head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries

Today fishermen can choose more comfortable and safer jobs. Building a new fleet is one of the priority tasks facing the fishing industry. Russian Fishery Company was one of the first to point in the direction for renewing its own fleet.

A systematic approach designed to build multi-year interaction with higher education bodies, developing scholarship programs and involving fleet specialists in training seminars to form its own corporate roster is very important for Russian Fishery Company, and in general for the improvement of professional standards in fishing industry.

«Primorsky krai is historically considered to be a land of fishermen, where fishing traditions are hand down in families, creating dynasties. It is exactly our region, where the leading fishery higher education bodies are located and they train specialists for the whole Russia; and the companies harvesting within the region become the drivers of fishing industry development. It gives us a great pleasure to see that so advanced vessels appear in the industry. It's even more pleasant that they appear in the Russian Far East, where the most fish are harvested. And this makes clear that the words of the Russian Government about the country's development vector towards the East, these words are translated into certain actions. These vessels allow us to attract more qualified applicants, who upon successful studenthood will be employed on such vessels»

Valery Prokopchuk, the Chairman of the Government of Primorsky krai.

«Today Russian Fishery Company is one of the key employers in Primorsky krai and focuses to the popularization of the fisherman profession, because RFC esteems challenging work at sea. The company provides systematic collaboration with the regional specialized higher education bodies to develop its own corporate roster and, in general, to improve professional standards in fishing industry. Our company gives certain career opportunities. The super trawler “Mekhanik Maslak” is the second vessel of the project which was built at Admiralty Shipyards under the investment quota program. The vessel has a high level of automatic performance, so we are able to manufacture ultra-processed seafood right on board. Together with the leading higher education bodies we are not only forming new professional competences, but we also intend to develop training for new occupations. We’ll be very glad to see young specialists on board of our vessels!»

Olga Naumova, RFC General Director.

Thanks to long-term cooperation between Russian Fishery Company and Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University cadets and students have had the opportunity to “touch” the profession during their studies: a special training class was equipped and a trawl-module system was delivered under the sponsorship of RFC; a third-year girl-cadet underwent practical training on board of new super trawler "Mekhanik Maslak" while its sailing from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok along the Southern Sea Route. She was one of 12 winners of the latest contest for a scholarship sponsored by Russian Fishery Company under the scholarship program, which has been in effect for several years. The program helps young specialists join the crews of the RFC fleet, and in particular crews of new super trawlers.

Moreover, in Spring 2023, Russian Fishery Company and Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University will launch a scholarship program under the sponsorship of RFC for students of fisheries education bodies in the Far East.

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