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Russian Fishery Company is the top manufacturer of ultra-processed foods in the Far Eastern basin

Russian Fishery Company (RFC), one of the world leaders in pollock fishing, has increased its production results for 2022, exceeding its projected performance figures in catching and product manufacturing.

The Company reviewed the results of 2022, where the total capture fish production specified as 309 thousand tons; it is 4.3 thousand tons greater than in 2021. RFC continues to hold the leading position regarding the key fishing object — pollock. Volume exceeded 283 thousand tons; it is 6% higher than last year figures (in accordance with daily fishing report data (SSD)). At the same time the output of fillets, mince and surimi is amounted to 48.5 thousand tons; it is 57% higher than in 2021. Thus, the company has continued the positive trend for increasing the output of ultra-processed foods, occupying the leading position in the Far Eastern basin by the end of the year.

"Russian Fishery Company follows a strategy aimed at producing high value-added products with a focus on the consumer. Our investments in new vessels are showing their effectiveness; even today they demonstrate excellent figures in catching and manufacturing. Our awareness of markets and arranged supply chain allow us to maintain our leading position and, what is the most significant, to diversify our production".

Olga Naumova, General Director of RFC

The Company’s sales in physical indicators grew by 22% compared to 2021. In value terms, the company's revenue increased by 54%, most significantly due to the growth in the share of high value-added pollock products.

In 2022 RFC continued to expand into new markets, both domestic and foreign. The company expanded its sales geography by supplying pollock fillets to new countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Bulgaria, as well as by supplying pollock fillets and surimi to China. Exports increased by 39 900 tons, or 30% over 2021, with sales of high value-added products up to 121% and their share of the Russian market at 46%. The Company managed to achieve the highest sales of high-quality pollock surimi to Russian crab stick manufacturers; sales were increased by 11 times.

The company continues to increase the volume of fish deep processing at sea thanks to effective operation of the new fleet, built under the state program of investment quotas. In 2022 super trawler “KAPITAN VDOVICHENKO” reinforced the Company's fleet in addition to “VLADIMIR LIMANOV” trawler ship, which is already operating in the fishery. These vessels are high-tech, meet advanced environmental standards and allow processing up to 100% of catching.

Production output of the new trawlers is accounted for 18% of the total revenue in 2022; in 2023, sales targets for the new vessels could increase even to 38%.

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